Patience… Easier Said Then Done!

Every single day, many.. many times throughout the day we are given the chance to use patience or to be completely impatient. I have learned that sometimes being stronger is a lot harder then I ever want to admit. I have also learned that patience makes for a lot more peace then I ever would have imagined.

Throughout life, we have people we encounter, or live with, that make decisions that we may not agree with. People make choices and do things we may not understand and can completely blow us out of the water when we respond to those choices. The hardest lesson I have learned is that no matter what, we must know that every single decision comes with a consequence.

The whole “practice what you preach” saying truly hits home.

I have struggled with situational depression on and off for many years now. Some days it is so hard to comprehend what exactly someone is thinking when words come out of their mouths. I always try to think before I respond.. which has taken many years of practicing.. One thing I have learned is that the ones you love and care about the most are the ones that have the ability to hurt you the most. Another thing I have learned is that ‘hurt people, hurt people’ …

Patience is so important to have when it comes to communication. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in emotions and we try to express our thoughts without using that patience and it becomes anger. Not all relationships are salvageable. Patience takes a great deal of practice and self control.

You never know who is watching, I for one have many kids around at all times.. Even at work, I am around kiddos. Kids learn by witnessing. If you are expecting others around you (both children and adults) to be patient with their words and chose to think before they speak, you should really be the first example..

One person cannot change the world, however, one person most certainly can change the world of others. You never know what people are going through. Be kind!! Be patient with your words… And for the love of everything holy… if you do not like how someone is acting, do not act like them yourself! Learn and make it a point to become a better person yourself…

My famous saying… Calm your nipples folks! Keep practicing your patience…

Published by amandasaggio

I am the momma to some amazing kiddos! I have five precious babes and one on the way! Life is far from easy all of the time, things happen daily that the parenting books have never mentioned... So in my spare time, to clear my head, I try to keep you all updated on how I control the chaos that life brings our way.

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